“Working with Sussan Lari and her team is always an absolute pleasure. We have collaborated on multiple projects by now, and the team’s passion for their work is undeniable and their dedication to their clients’ needs goes unspoken. They do not allow their professional expertise to overshadow my desires as a client but will always guide my taste in the appropriate direction! Next to their impeccable eye, what I find most appealing is Sussan and her team’s ability to find a better priced item (if the first choice was a little too pricey) that is a very close match to the original aesthetic!

Hiring a team like Sussan Lari's was a great weight off my shoulders. Knowing that she will be in touch with all the contractors and necessary agents in getting the job done, allowed me peace of mind that everything will be complete in a timely and organized manner. Working closely with Sussan Lari over the years has not only blessed me with beautiful homes, but also new friendships. Looking forward to the next project!”